Checklist to launch a mobile game on Android or iOS

Checklist to launch a mobile game on Android or iOS

The phenomenal popularity of games on smartphone devices has made gaming apps one of the most in-demand niches for generating earnings. The mobile game category represent a whopping 75% of iOS App Store profits, and for an even greater 90% of Google Play Store earnings.

a game for any platform can be fairly simple nowadays, with the challenging part of a successful launch coming after development and release: marketing your game. The promotion of the app is crucial to get right, and can be exceptionally hard to pin down for lots of app developers.

Presently, there are millions mobile games listed in the Google Play and iTunes App Store with hundreds more getting into the store each week. For many mobile game developers, getting seen is a huge issue because of the sheer variety of games getting in the store every day. Unless your mobile game currently represents a great brand name, you have the required experience or you just get fortunate, it is almost difficult to reach high enough in the App Store rankings that your app will be seen and set up by a substantial quantity of individuals. You may have created the greatest mobile game in the world, however if no one sees it then it will not matter.

It is hard sufficient developing a mobile game. Most mobile developers just don’t have the time or proficiency to do everything that is required to obtain their mobile game deployed and marketed to the world. Prior to launching your mobile gaming app, make sure you have a solid marketing technique in place in order to make your launch as effective as possible.

Below is the list to prepare and market your mobile game to assist you reach your target market:

  • Start development on a unique and excellent mobile game idea.
  • Make a terrific mobile game.
  • Setup data analytics to track particular KPIs in the game.
  • Test to make sure the data analytics are working correctly.
  • Set deployment date to submit your mobile game to the app stores.
  • Set launch date to launch the mobile game.
  • Select the distinct app name
  • Compose a tag line of your app to use it in ASO.
  • Add a new app in App Stores to book the app name.
  • Design the app icon. Resize icons in multiple sizes.
  • Design the screenshots. Resize the screenshots for various android device measurements and
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ & iPad.
  • Research study and select the keywords of 100 characters only.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis of mobile game sub-categories.
  • Plan and develop a video trailer.
  • Pick two game sub-categories to note the mobile game.
  • Compose the description.
  • Write the description for ASO.
  • Translate the description into other popular languages.
  • Input all app info into app stores. (icon, keywords, description, categories, screenshots, video).
  • Set the areas for release.
  • Set the price point.
  • Schedule app release date. Make sure your scheduled date lines up with your launch date.
  • If your game has in-app purchases, Input in-app purchases in app stores.
  • Link the in-app purchases to your server.
  • Test the in-app purchases making sure they are working correctly.
  • Submit the binary file or apk file to the app stores.
  • Wait for the evaluation and approval of the app.
  • Setup up customer assistance FAQ concerns.
  • Specify the anticipated user install objectives.
  • Produce a marketing plan to attend to user acquisition.
  • Produce web banners to promote your game.
  • Produce cross-promotion banners to cross-promote your game in your other games.
  • Develop marketing banners to promote the game on your website.
  • Develop marketing possessions for social media posts.
  • Do press pitch brainstorming.
  • Update press contact list.
  • Write the press release.
  • Produce press kits with all your marketing possessions in various sizes.
  • Write press pitch e-mail.
  • Send out press sets.
  • Prep and arrange the marketing html e-mail.
  • Contact user acquisition partners to align dates.
  • Create social media calendar with content for the marketing campaign.
  • Wait for launch date and perform the marketing plan.