Mobile Games Trends Report of Q1 2016 by Unity Analytics

Since the start of 2016, we can see a significant increase in mobile game installs. China was a powerhouse in the very first quarter eclipsing the US in variety of game installs. Nonetheless, the popularity […]


Who are the biggest downloaders of smartphone games?

With billions in worldwide earnings, mobile games have become one of the most liked digital platform for players and developers. Today, it is the largest games platform by market share in the world. But the […]


Most popular Apple App Store categories in first quarter 2016

How much time we spend on different activities is the way to determine and log our lives according to clock and calendar. Most of the time we complain that we do not have enough time […]


Bouncy Round Ball – Painfully Addictive Free Smartphone Game

If you’re bored of other similar running, jumping or flying simulator games, there’s one game that can surely keep you engaged and entertained for hours. Bouncy Round Ball is a simple Infinite jumping game with […]

DETAIL – A Smash Hit Game for Android and iOS

Some gamers cannot get enough of endless runners. The concept of chasing a carrot on a stick and collecting tons of mini carrots along the way has its own appeal, however nobody denies that the […]


Color Twist – Ticklish & fast paced color switch game

Are you done playing all the tap games and flying birds? If yes, then it’s time to offer some rest to your thumb, warm up your finger, and get ready for Color Twist, the new […]


Cocos and Unity Game Development Frameworks: Pros, Cons and Comparison

Finding the ideal game development framework can be the key to effectively develop and also releasing a game that ends up being both popular and also rewarding. But there are a lot of game engines available […]


Best iOS & Android Game Development Tools and Resources

  Whether you’ve had a great idea for a mobile game yet have no hint on where to start, or you’re an experienced mobile game developer wishing to take your abilities to the next level, […]


Damn Daniel’s Jetpack Flight Simulator 2016 Review

Hey, you like planes, right? Prepared to fly the dangerous sky as a fearless pilot? Great, You’re going to love Daniel’s Jetpack Flight Simulator game on your smartphone. A really challenging fast paced flying game […]


Press Release: Daniel’s Jetpack Flight hits the Google Play for Android

March 22, 2016 – Sharjah, UAE: Woweez Games, a leading mobile gaming studio in UAE, has released another game, “Daniel’s Jetpack Flight” for Android. Available worldwide via Google Play, this free-to-play game has been optimized […]

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