Stats: The most beneficial ads for Mobile games

Stats: The most beneficial ads for Mobile games

While there are a myriad of money making options available to mobile game developers, the freemium economy and the expectation for free content often demands ad monetization solutions. It is always an ambiguous situation for all mobile app developers most of the time that which of the ad format is most beneficial for them.

Which advertisement formats would mobile app game developers most recommend? According to a survey of 350 mobile game developers published by eMarketer, the selection for video ad is clear:

mobile game ad preference

Clearly, rewarded video advertisements are by far the most popular choice among mobile game developers, with 58% of study participants mentioned this money making technique as the one they would most recommend to others.

2nd to this, 16% of mobile game developers advised interstitial video ads as a money making technique for games. As always, it is very important to execute such advertisements at natural points in gameplayat the end of the level or any other available slot.

Video ads were one of the most advised format for 74% of mobile game developers. On the other hand, display formats were advised by only 26% of developers, with banner display advertisements (15%) being somewhat more favored than full-screen display advertisements (11%).

To be fair, this is not to spoken that just 26% of mobile game developers use display advertising to monetize their games. Rather, video advertisements are merely their preferred format, which isn’t too unexpected given the higher eCPMs offered.

This is important to note here that the supremacy of rewarded video ads over interstitial video. Among developers who choose video ads over other formats, 78.4% choose rewarded video over interstitial. So why is this?

The main difference between the two formats is that rewarded video ads appear when the user demands them, and interstitial video advertisements appear when the developer demands them. When users are able to select when they see in-app advertisements and are rewarded for this option, both the user experience and monetization enhances, a clear win-win for the publisher and the user.