Why Mobile is the future of Gaming

Why Mobile is the future of Gaming

Mobile and PC gaming platforms regularly bring something new to the customers and also support each other in attracting people towards gaming. PC and console followers commonly spend their money on games that really feel worth spending, which usually indicates a much bigger investment as compare to mobile. Graphics are likewise commonly more crucial in typical gaming, as well as numerous players like detailed stories rather than quick timesinks.

On the other hand, mobile gaming has the tendency to be about the quick diversion. The most prominent games– Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Clash of Clans for example– can all be played in bite-sized chunks while waiting for the metro or on your lunch breaks. Games that take a little bit longer or ask for even little more money can’t be as successful, although they have top quality, but they do not attract a large segment of a target market.

What mobile gaming does have is potential. Games is an activity that you do during rest or leisure, but games in our mobiles demonstrates us that how we play and what we like to spend time. With developments like the Apple Watch and updated smartphone specifications in the market, mobile gaming can have a great deal even more up its sleeve compared to flying birds.

The mobile game industry has gained a great momentum and is anticipated to more growth in the future. Nonetheless, one of the most intriguing thing to observe is the strong competition in between the console and mobile gaming. Both of them have their own advantages and downsides, and also have a substantial user base.

Some people appreciate gaming on the go, while others claim a dedicated gaming environment with consoles. Let’s check out the facts associated with the mobile gaming to analyze exactly how customers are leveraging mobile gaming instead of console.


1 – Mobile as an important part of our lives

In today’s mobile age, it is difficult to even think of a day without our mobiles. While smart devices have virtually brought the world at our fingertips, these devices are much more than to an easy communication device. Nowadays, we can see people playing games on their mobiles to kill their spare time, as an example, while waiting in a line, while traveling, or leisuring.

Also, there are a number of mobile apps available that allow one to find a suitable game as per their taste. For example, whether you like an action or adventure game, target-oriented game or a simulator game, you can easily find a list of best games to choose from.


2. More time spent on games

As mobile games allow gamers to play their favorite games anytime and anywhere, a sharp rise in the quantity of time that gamers spend in the US and worldwide has been observed. This enormous boost has been noticed only in the last two years.

Moreover, the stats shows that the time spent will even more rise in the future all over the world. The simple reason is the advancement in mobile technology that is projected to increase even more. And also, the time invested in gaming will definitely increase the money spent for gaming on mobile.


3. Role of YouTube in gaming

With the most advanced mobile devices, it is becoming easier and practical to access the Internet whenever and wherever we want. Therefore, it’s no surprise that lot of websites are experiencing a huge hike in website traffic from mobile devices. It has been observed that there are billions of visitors who use YouTube to see PC, console or mobile game played by other gamers.


4. Tablet computers as the majority of chosen gaming devices.

Mobile gaming was dominated by the mobile phones in past but the time has changed now. Today, the stats shows something else. The recent data from multiple researches or even from the AppStores shows that the trend to use phablets and tablet as a  gaming device is quickly rising. Almost 400 percent is expected by the year 2016 as profits generated by the gaming apps developed for tablets.

As, tablets offers mobility as well as bigger screens and improved hardware with larger memory that can retain a large range of games. Also it offers some fantastic UX, that attracts a gamer even more. Nonetheless, this does not indicate that the mobile game profits via smartphones will reduce, profits are anticipated to increase.


5. Ever before raising mobile gaming earnings

The mobile game industry is continuously growing and will grow with because of the free, paid and premium games. In the year 2013, the mobile game revenue increased by 43 percent. In 2014, the growth spread around to even more markets and game genres. Revenues by mobile games are anticipated to surpass the console games.

Many researches shows that mobile games will lead the gaming industry in the future but it can’t be said that console gaming will completely lose their existence. Absolutely they cannot.

Taking into consideration the worldwide mobile market, there are four types of gaming available for the players. This consists of console, PC, smartphones and tablets. Previously, PC and console were dominating in terms of usage and revenues, however the ongoing gaming data and usage shows that Smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular now.


Have a look at the future

In today’s market, PC and console game developers and publishers find themselves having a hard time, whereas mobile app developers are continuously increasing and growing. With thousands of new games added to the app stores daily, it seems logical that why most of the developers and publishers has decided that their main platform will be smartphones, as compared to triple A games.

Also with the modern technologies like wearables, mobile gaming will continue to progress and also be integrated into day-to-day activities. You can simply see all the fitness devices and apps that include gaming qualities. Android and Apple Smartwatch will continuously transform mobile gaming, and the publishers of this industry will certainly develop a lot of freemium games.