Our game design process includes following:


Game Concept  
Game Foundations Game Features, The Essence of the Gameplay, Characters, Gameplay Elements, AI
User Interface Navigational Chart, Functional Requirements, Objects of the User Interface
Graphics and Video Characters, Maps, Graphics and Animations, Animated Insertions
Sounds and Music General Description, Sound Effects, Music
Plot Story board, contains the dialogs and the storyline implemented into the product
Game Mechanics Game physics, objects, and actions
Level Description The graph of the Positional Relationship of the Levels, Queue of the New Objects Implementation, General Level Design Description, Achievements, Progression
Help System First Time User Experience in the form of hints and messages
Supported Devices The list of target platform compatible with the game development technology
Business Aspects Core marketing points, audience, business model, advertising options, etc.
Future Plans Possible ways of game development and enhancement