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Office 1306, Al Mullah Tower. Al Nahda, Sharjah.
P.O Box 4989
Sharjah, U.A.E.


+971 6 5366616

About Us

Founded in 2013 by Ahmed Bukhatir, Woweez is a game development studio based in the United Arab Emirates. Inspired by many innovative and creative games that were launched at the beginning of the mobile game era, Ahmed wanted to create his own games and have his company play an innovative role in growing the game industry in the UAE.

As one of the first Game Studios in the UAE, Woweez has developed original games with gameplay nobody has ever seen before that stand out for their quality. We want to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry by introducing some novel tricks and twists in games.

All of our games have broader scope and appeal so anybody can play, pause for the daily routine work and then resume the game again. These games are developed cross platform and share the fun no matter what device they have. It gives the player more freedom to switch seamlessly between devices and platforms and continue their game anytime, anywhere.

Press Releases

Birdie, an All New Game for Smartphones Hits Stores Across the World

Woweez Games Announced the Release of Bouncy Round Ball for iOS and Android

Lo and Behold! Free-to-Play launched worldwide on Google Play and AppStore

Attention All Gamers! Woweez Games Released Color Twist Worldwide on Google Play & Appstore

Daniel's Jetpack Flight, another title by Woweez Games hits the Google Play for Android


Logo & Icons

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Color Twist - Casual Color Switch Arcade Game for Smartphones

Color Twist

Color Twist is a casual arcade game with ticklish fun for all ages and skill levels! Color twist is a game of switching colors using skills and nerves, earn more points and last as long as you can. It seems simple color switching game but gets increasingly frantic. Plan ahead for twist, learn from your mistakes and get the highest score. Test your skills to the absolute max!

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Earn your wings and become an aviator in Sky Wings

Sky Wings

Sky Wings: Flight Simulator 2016 is  one of the most addictive flight simulation game of 2016. It’s time to sit in the cockpit and become an aviator! Fly in the infinite galaxy for the best flight simulation experience. Take the flight control for the right directions and all you need is to fly your airplane without any damage.

  Download all screenshots and Icons smartphone game is a simple finger-runner smash hit game for the lovers of the addictive arcade gamers with quickfire skills. The gameplay is bright, flashy and creative. A tricky tap to act game, this is unforgiving and will need you to work hard to get the best score!

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Damn Daniel Jetpack Flight Simulator 2016

Damn Daniel’s Jetpack

Daniels Jetpack flight is a journey through space. The journey of your Jetman Daniel has been designed beautifully between other flying objects. This free to play flight simulator game is all about survival. You will make weird faces every time you narrowly brush an airplane or parachute.

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Classic fun game to test your reflexes - King Box

King Box

Play King Box! Test your reflexes in this classic game!  Fill all the boxes in the grid & sharpen your skills with maximum accuracy. King Box is a simple blocks game, just quickly tap to send the box to the empty blocks above and fill all the boxes in the grid to complete a level. From easy slow levels to fast tricky challenging levels! Can you survive the mental crush with more than Five Hundred Levels!

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